The Wait for the iPhone 5 Hits Asia Tech Stocks

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In the past, releases of the Apple iPhone have usually been well received by consumers, with sales numbers being quite good for Apple, even if not all users and technology reviewers were completely satisfied with the features of the device.Many are anxious to see what the iPhone 5 will be able to do when it comes out in September, but this waiting has started to have a negative effect on some Asian stocks. Apple's quarterly earnings have been below expectations lately, mainly because many consumers are holding off purchasing a new iPhone until the 5th edition comes out in a few months. This has had repercussions not only for Apple, but also for its supply chain.

While Apple has developed the device, it relies on a supply chain in Asia to manufacture many of its components, such as the circuit boards and the screen. It is thus normal that when Apple's numbers are down, Asian tech stocks belonging to firms in Apple's supply chain take a hit. Some of the companies whose stocks went down include Foxconn, the company that assembles the iPhone and makes some of its components.

This is because a large amount of revenue for the company comes from production of Apple devices, such as the iPhone and the iPad tablet. Japanese companies such as Ibiden, which manufactures circuit boards and Toshiba, who make memory chips, have also seen their shares go down.Anyone investing in Asian technology stocks should seek advice from a professional financial adviser, preferably one that has experience in tech stocks in the Asian market. While these shares may eventually rebound, exactly when this will happen is open to some speculation. Some market analysts are now predicting that Apple's earnings may not be too good for the next quarter and may continue to be low until the iPhone 5 launches later in 2012.

While current predictions say that the device is going to be ready for launch in late September of 2012, it should be noted that no official release date has been put forward by Apple for now. Therefore, the exact moment where the earning of Apple and tech stock prices in Asia are going to be up is not yet known.It makes sense that periods where stock prices are down would be times where it may be profitable to buy shares. However investors will need to know that the Asian tech market is subject to volatility, especially among companies where a large percentage of their revenue is tied to one specific device. Investors should be careful where they will be putting their money, diversifying their portfolio regularly and following technological news and trends so that they have a better idea of how their stocks will do.