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We are debt freeso if we decide to wind up early there will be some cash to distribute imo. Chating sexy girls like it was prepared in a hurry. You seem to be returning to sanity finally hope it continues cyan we might chat para parejas get to talk sensibly once again lol.

That will be the first trap chat prices may start to gain a solid base going into Summer driving season in the Western world.

I p their share would be shared, prorate with the 2 remaining partners who would pay their modest share of the costs. Niobe isn't visble at these levels and look at athena. Free dirty chat no registration morning ngms Niobe IS to be drilled, its paid for and contracted.

Silly me so the fact that Noreco are skint wont have any bearing? Follow TRAP.

I bought back in around the lows but only a small position. Strong production uptime was maintained during the workover process, and field shut-down time was limited to ten days.

Will just have to wait and see what compensation we get. They are not calling the shots; Suncor are. Best case ,in your dreamsscenario is; 1. Execution trap chat the revised FPSO contract is clearly a adult chat ios step for extending the life of the Athena field and is reflective of the pragmatic approach being taken by many North Sea suppliers to realign cost structures to the current low oil price environment.

Trap chat [explicit]

Cyan is that reality setting in finally? Am quite outraged by that as it could ensure complete destruction of the shareholders equity.

I wonder when will the new terms come trap chat to reduce costs? Compensation payment is larger than expected. Under the terms of the amended contract for the BW Athena FPSO, the Athena co-venturers will make advanced payment of an FPSO cashmere chat sex fee and from the end of the primary contract term in Junethe vessel day rate will no longer apply and the co-venturers and BW Offshore will instead share the net cashflow generated from the field.

Really very good news. I win the Euro millions. Read Full Thread. Chat s: Latest Older. Good morning RCTurner2. This doomsday scenario is conditional on Niobe drill failing and the oil price remaining trap chat distressed. As for sanity, that's for talking freinds to judge. You may well be right about POO. However, history has shown us examples of rapid movements in both directions. Gpx going the same way as this now unfortunatelyafrengkp the while sector is a nightmare.

I would be amazed if Noreco have not already paid up.

This is purely a speculative punt on niobe getting drilled. Yes reno chat room compensation might drag it a touch longer but as you say not long enough to outlast athena draining it dry. I think that might prove to be a dangerous way of looking at trap chat situation, I can see oil staying at this level for much longer than many people think.

The smart-talk trap

Niobe drill makes a find larger than the Athena field. The hedge cancellation was a disaster and the final nail imo. Most importantly, at the currently prevailing depressed oil price, Trapoil's ongoing monthly trap chat in respect of Athena will be reduced as a result of this amended contract. Athena costs will be over 80 by now with the reduction in output from natural field declinesee decc figures.

Its quite simple in my mind; if Niobe breach contract they will be sued. Phone chat cedar rapids iowa only took the so to crash from 13p to o. Yes trap chat cancellation of the hedge was a disaster.

Decom costs could also play a part in how much longer trap is around as I think there will be a bit more to pay out of the petty cash yet maybe m in overruns. Rogerlin, you trap chat this from IAE's - I'm wondering whether TRAP is worth a punt again at these levels: "For sex hookers looking porn chat the Company has notably actioned a ificant reduction in the Athena cost base.

I am sure Suncor would grab all Noreco's share without a second thought. All hope on niobe but I agree with ngms it's unlikely to be drilled.

Read Full Thread Reply. There's this bit aswell: The Company provides for future losses on long-term contracts where it is considered that the contract costs are likely to exceed revenues in future periods.

One must remember this is a very cheap drill.

Why this is good is because we are not forced to use up our remaining capital and bleed to death. Technology chat rooms fear the most likely outcome here is bust within 9 months.

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Its really all about Niobe. I sold out at 4p. Licence P. The well is planned for 2Q and will fulfill the outstanding work obligation attached to trap chat licence. The revised vessel lease is terminable on 60 days notice. At first look I think free chat line numbers in oklahoma is all they say about Athena.

As soon as our contractual obligations are obliged next year ; Free sex chat india suspect that the company will call in the administrators and declare the company no longer a going concern.

Its whether it makes a commercial find. My gut feeling is that its going to be ificantly more than the hundreds of thousands that has trap chat suggested on the boards.

I would have thought they would have done the same with Noreco. I think it will take longer to go 'bust'. Thank you rogerlin for that excellent link.

The workover reduced the technical risk associated with the Athena field, with stable production now extracted from three fully operational wells instead of two". Production at the P4 well came free chat rooms carmichael md on stream in late Trap chat, and has performed steadily after clean-up operations were completed and the rig left the site.

Thought it was good of BW the FPSO operator to take a sensible and pragmatic approach to the lower oil price environment by agreeing to this new, more flexible contract with the field partners. From Ithaca's statement today.

Good morning bones, I unfiltered you last night and with only one exception on the boards am not one youtube chatroom bare grudges long term. The key to watch for is a potential fall or even plateau confirmation in US unconventional production for March. Cyan a contract has lots of small print usually with get out clauses. The critical point of disagreement with you and ngms is about Niobe being cancelled.

As Athena again starts to produce profitably again ; the partners decide to drill Athena againincreasing production, its field life and profits. PMG's interim statement. With only trap chat to give 60 days notice from June means that if the partners and BW Offshore are not making money we can shut down early. Nice to dream.

Imono chance. Have you any free sex chat lines for auburn that suggests any partner is not going to honour their commitments.? A bit late with their RNS. Badly worded RNS. The new terms are a relief. They will lose their share of Niobe trap chat they have failed to comply with their commitments.